Moving stories


All you need is MOV

We are a collective hub of creatives, designers, animators, musicians and artists that develop ideas and drive them into movement.

We are the perfect partner for brands and agencies to enhance their communication through visual content.

Our working process

Working together with the best brands and companies made us develop a successful working process for a market that is constantly changing.

1. Definition

We define together with the client the proposal, scope, magnitude, details, timing and budget of the whole project.

2. Research

We study what is happening in the local and global market in terms of solutions applicable to similar cases. Then we think out of the box and bring insights from areas outside the visual universe, which end up defining disruptive solutions.

3. Idea

From the research and after putting different possibilities in crisis, we arrived at a leading idea, from which the first script version arises.

4. Material

We define which techniques are best accurate to the idea and we make the art proposal with layouts to share with the client.
This is the moment when the idea comes to life.

5. Production

We produce all the footage and compose it to get the final visual pieces.

6. Feedback

We follow the project closely at the launch and ROI stages, and we feed on customer and user feedback in order to improve our insight.

From Buenos Aires to the world

Located in Buenos Aires, our agency focuses on expanding the universe of our clients.