Fima Funds

New investment fund Mixed Income Fund

Fima Funds

International Mixed Income Funds Launching spot

(Work in progress)


Fima Funds invited us to create a piece that would communicate the advantages of a new investment fund whose core is based on a balanced combination of stocks and bonds.


Our proposal was to work not only on the knowledge and skills associated with the financial world, but, above all, on the art and sensitivity related to the design of these combinations, in the same way that a winemaker thinks about his blends.

To address the challenge, we investigated and developed a series of spaces, associated with concepts that may or may not have a direct link with the imaginary of the financial world. To do this, we explored a cloud of meanings associated with concepts such as mixture, blend, combination, etc., which led to different formal constructions structured in diptychs: two complementary components or pairs, each with its own materiality and color palette, which allowed a quick identification with either the bonds or the stocks.

The fact of looking for associations far from the imaginary of the category (which is strongly based on numbers), allowed us to present the product in a new and disruptive way, and achieve a greater recognition in terms of the features of the service.

Art and technology were the bases that determined the art proposal: a general look that transmits technology, exclusivity and quality in details.