Turn on your party

Christmas campaign Garbarino


Turn on your party


Garbarino invited us to design a high-impact digital campaign for Christmas in the sound system category.
As a challenge, they presented to us a limited budget with an accurate deadline, since the pieces had to be ready a week before Christmas.


The core of these sound towers is their power. And being a single speaker, they have the versatility to turn any space into a party space in a matter of seconds. Following this idea, we worked artistically on the passage of a specific and known space into a party situation, where space-time coordinates are lost.
As the digital campaign would be published through Facebook and YouTube, we proposed the making of a short 15-second video, with 3 different music versions in order to cover 3 well-differentiated conceptual targets. The making of the videos took 3 weeks of work.
As a result, the category sales targets were exceeded.