Online marketing campaign Sodimac


Furniture special campaign


Sodimac invited us for the Furniture 2019 online marketing campaign. The proposal had to cover the office, living room and bedroom categories, and be supported by the copy “Multiple styles, infinite possibilities”. Targeting audiences on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, the challenge was to generate short, dynamic, and engaging pieces.


We decided to make a video per category, taking as the main actor a particular piece of furniture that is maintained throughout the entire spot, while the surrounding space is transformed, showing different styles of decoration, reinforcing the global concept of the campaign that speaks of the infinite possibilities when creating a space.
During a shooting day, both the main and second furniture, accessory elements and textures were photographed and measurements were taken. All this information was used to carry out the 3D modeling and the environment. We also designed an original audio track that highlights the dynamic and fun spirit of makeovers.
The videos were rendered in both horizontal (YouTube) and vertical (Instagram) formats, with adaptations to individual 6-second bumpers, generating a set of pieces to cover the entire online formats spectrum.