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Promotional spot


Promotional spot


Ualá invited us again for the production of its promotional spot, which had to respond to the spirit of the brand and include a visual proposal that would bring the fintech closer to a new materiality associated with technology and design, while reinforcing proximity and connection with users.


To address this challenge, we developed the entire Ualá ecosystem with a new materiality that allowed us to express that connection.

We designed different spaces in 3D environments that reveal concepts associated to the brand and the functionalities it offers, always focusing on the dynamic, young and transparent spirit of Ualá.

The main challenge of this project was to develop the brand identity in this new space. Not only from the formal point of view, whose identity is based on the presence of curves and soft shapes, but mainly from a material point of view. To do this, we investigated the behavior of materials and textures, arriving at a universe of soft shapes, which ended up building an organic and fluid formal / spatial language that enhanced branding communication and was later transferred to other pieces and formats: we made a version for Ualá México, different adaptations for social media, and a 10 seconds TV spot.